GB Labs and Marquis - Project Parking Solution

Avid facilities managing large numbers of projects need to use their edit arrays efficiently. By moving completed projects onto nearline and offline storage, fast primary arrays can be restricted purely to editing; this reduces the requirement for ever larger tier 1 RAID systems that are typically the most expensive storage.

GB Labs manufactures fast expandable NAS systems that can be accessed by multiple users on a network. Its Space products include file replication, migration and archiving tools that can manually or automatically organize data on and between RAID arrays. However, to package and park full Avid projects, the Space team certifies the Marquis Avid Project Parking tool as the perfect complement to network storage.

The Archiving process is unique and consolidates each project into a single folder on the Space storage, even if the projects related media is dispersed across multiple Workspaces. This means that nothing is missed and that Projects can be easily returned to the ISIS storage as they were in the first place or indeed consolidated to a single Workspace if required.

Sweeping is a more sophisticated technique for deleting files from the ISIS storage, instead of a manual process, the software will remove a project and all of its associated media from the ISIS storage after it has moved the Project into a Sweeping folder on the Space storage and verified all the data, this provides a safety net in case of accidental deletion.

On-going Backup of critical Projects can also be scheduled so as to protect important Projects that are currently in production on the ISIS storage. This function uses Snapshots of the ISIS storage and will therefore only move the data that has changed since the last Snapshot.

The Archiving, Sweeping and Backup functions all use MD5 checksum verification when transporting data so as to ensure data integrity.

The fact that projects are neatly consolidated on the Space storage means that Tier 3 deep archiving can be easily achieved with MAM software and LTO libraries, the Space will feed the Archive directly, hence freeing up the Avid ISIS storage from this role, preserving valuable bandwidth and capacity.

Storage Analysis offers the administrator the ability to scan all of the Avid workspaces, which provides a detailed view of what is on the ISIS storage, identifying the amount of files, Projects, capacity usage and uniquely offers the ability to identify wasted capacity in the form of duplicate media or Orphan** media files

The Space Echo 36 storage is a massive capacity, RAID 6 protected unit with two global hot spare drives waiting to automatically rebuild the storage in the event of any disk failure. It runs from hardware mirrored SSD OS drives and offers dynamic capacity expansion up to 4.6 Petabytes with data in place. Dual PSUs are standard and an intelligent notification system keeps administrators up to date with capacity monitoring and system events.

Solution Benefits:

  • Archiving and Sweeping* of completed projects from the ISIS storage
  • Rapid Restoration of Archived projects to the ISIS storage
  • Automated Backup of critical Projects in production on the ISIS storage
  • Analysis of the ISIS storage, which can identify wasted capacity due to duplicates or Orphan files**
  • Massive savings in storage costs
  • Dynamically expandable capacity in the Space storage.

In Brief:

This solution is an ideal combination of industry leading hardware and software with the ability to fully interact with Avid storage and Avid projects and their associated media. Offering more advanced features and the ability to work with not only ISIS storage but operate safely within an Avid Interplay (PAM) environment.

The whole solution is priced at a fraction of the Avid alternative and as the storage requirement grows the savings increase further. Overall capacity can be larger, performance across the network higher and the advanced storage analysis and automated data transfers with MD5 checksums offer a far more sophisticated way of managing expensive Avid storage and freeing up capacity for new work.

Workflow Diagram

* = deletion with temporary backup of deleted items being kept on the Space storage.
** = files that are not associated with any project on the ISIS storage, these can removing with the Sweeping function