The workflows of the future will be IP based in both video and audio distribution and the acquisition and playout of digital data from IP connected devices and storage. Conveniently the networks will be the same in terms of physical hardware and the Ethernet connectivity they use.

The protocols transmitted down Ethernet cables for AV purposes will vary and an emphasis on compatibility between devices will call for standardizations and agreements between manufacturers. Device control will be more proprietary so as to maintain manufacturers privacy and to avoid miscommunication between different hardware platforms/devices.

Thankfully on the storage side GB Labs offer the largest selection of industry standard sharing protocols which allows a wide range of devices to connect and benefit from the complete Eco-system of shared storage and archiving that is on offer.

Through this new IP video matrix each switcher recognises all video sources connected to the network even through other production switchers, replay systems and graphics systems. Any device can use another’s connected inputs (and outputs) across the network, enabling multiple systems to scale the number of inputs and output resources. Large networks of devices can also utilize Space or Echo shared storage simultaneously.  

A good example of advanced IP workflow is the Network Device Interface (NDI), an open IP protocol standard from Newtek. NDI allows any enabled device on a standard Ethernet connection to be recognised as a video source or destination as part of an IP production workflow. Space is an NDI enabled storage and is seen on the network as a storage location.

Space provides all the benefits of a system designed to offer great performance to any IP connected device without the need for drivers or tuning at the device end. All the tuning is inside the storage and guaranteed stream performance iscalculated in Mbits/sec or by codec, this allows for accurate workflow design and the assurance of great reliability and sustained performance providing the backbone of your IP workflow.

As your workflow grows your GB Labs storage will scale in capacity and performance to suit your needs, with a complete collection of online, nearline and archive storage with IP connectivity and intelligent workflow tools.

The massive benefits of NAS and the way it will seamlessly integrate into the IP workflows of tomorrow make it the only logical choice for shared storage and has ensured the final nail in the coffin for SAN technology.