GB Labs manufactures fast expandable NAS systems that can be accessed by multiple users on a network. Its Space products include file replication, migration and archiving tools that can manually or automatically organize data on and between RAID arrays.

However, for full and transparent media management and processing throughout the lifecycle of each media asset, the Space team certifies a number of advanced third party software suites that complement the network storage.




Networked editions of CatDV are highly scalable and meet the needs of studios, broadcasters, post production and large production houses.

CatDV is available in a variety of versions including:

  • CatDV Workgroup: up to 5 CatDV clients can work together
  • CatDV Enterprise: for larger deployments with more sophisticated server functions
  • CatDV Pegasus: includes Avid Media Composer integration

CatDV has been rigourously tested to ensure compatibility with Space storage networks.

The following workflow outlines the features offered by the Pegasus edition.



With CatDV Worker, users can automatically ingest media into CatDV and trigger workflow actions outside of CatDV (such as external transcoders and archiving systems).

The system supports specific workflows for:

  • Archiving: adding support for a constantly growing range of long term storage solutions
  • MXF: supporting meta data exchange from P2, XDCAM and AVID formats. (note that appropriate codecs for playback are also required)


  • Automatically split a movie into separate shots
  • Excellent integration with Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro and other NLEs
  • Built in sequence editing, to create rough cut edits from within the asset manager
  • Additional interchange file formats, such as Final Cut Pro XML, Avid ALE, Premiere Pro batch lists, and more
  • Support for image sequences


  • Sequences, master clips and subclips can be exported to / from Avid Media Composer to / from CatDV
  • CatDV's AAF Tool supports importing Avid created sequences, master clips and subclips. Supported media is relinked within Avid media Composer
  • Logging clips and sequences can be performed outside Avid
  • Shot lists with added meta data can be prepared off site and sent to Avid editing
  • Media can be ingested and transcoded using the CatDV Worker and then Pegasus can send the clips to Avid
  • CatDV can manage and search all media assets and make them available to Avid
  • Clips and sequences can be simply dragged into Avid from CatDV


  • Unlimited user-defined metadata attributes to annotate clips
  • Authentication and logging
  • Build up thumbnail catalogs with searchable metadata and log notes
  • Create and manage preview versions of footage to use when the originals are offline
  • Enhanced search dialog, with multiple conditions and logical expressions, named filters, and regular expressions
  • Support for reading metadata from additional file formats, including PDF and XML
  • Verbatim Logger command
  • Log using timecode event markers within a clip or by creating subclips
  • Timezone and camera clock adjustments to permit accurate date-based correlation of shots taken with different cameras
  • Catalog arbitrary files, not just media files
  • Shared group documents, such as a To Do list or production ‘blog’
  • Shared clip lists and smart folders
  • Tape library management (in conjunction with optional barcode reader)


  • Export clips to a different codec or as a web page
  • Present slide shows of selected stills or clips
  • Fully customisable preview settings.
  • Customisable clip details panel layout.
  • Support for standard JKL shuttle controls when playing media.
  • Use CatDV Pro as a client to gain access to the networked capabilities provied by the CatDV Server


  • Configurable access control, with a flexible users, groups and permissions model
  • Server-based handling of preference settings