Unique FastNAS Technology

To boost performance and deliver way beyond its physical size

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FastNAS offers unique GB Labs technology.

Hybrid Boost

Nitro is specifically designed for real world usage and brings dramatic enhancement to collaborative media workflows, offering close to a pure SSD experience.

Velocity RAID Engine

Optimized for AV usage and low latency response, VRE is at the very heart of the FastNAS experience offering superb random access performance using minimal system resources.

Dynamic Expansion

FastNAS F16 and F16 Nitro offer dynamic storage expansion which when combined with a FastNAS EX unit allow you to grow your storage instantly with your data still in place.

Core.3 Lite

Built for the hardware it runs on and offering unrivalled performance and efficiency with a feature rich toolset, the Core OS is tailor made for modern file based workflows.

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The Technology

Nitro is our intelligent hybrid disk technology, developed by the team that brought you the award winning HyperSpace Solid State Accelerator. The combination of energy efficient server class hard drives and lightning fast industrial grade SSD gives FastNAS systems an unfair advantage against the competition.

The management of this technology is key to its success. When writing to Nitro enabled systems, data will be written to both the VRE RAID set and the Nitro pure SSD layer, in this respect data is always kept safe in the VRE RAID set whilst Nitro is pre-loaded and ready to boost your productivity.

The Benefits

This is not just cache and this is not a general-purpose hybrid, Nitro is specifically designed for real world usage with large files or IOPs intensive image sequences. This unique technology brings dramatic enhancement to collaborative media workflows, offering close to a pure SSD experience.

Nitro learns about your most popular data requests and stores them, it can dramatically improve the read capabilities of the system as the combined effect of Nitro and VRE deliver performance way beyond the capabilities of the physical disks. In addition to this, when Nitro is servicing data requests the usage of the VRE RAID set is reduced, meaning FastNAS can actually deal with more reads and more writes under periods of heavy load.

How It Works

How It Works

Incoming data will be written to both the VRE RAID set and the Nitro SSD layer, keeping data safe in the VRE whilst Nitro is pre-loaded.

Nitro intelligently learns the most popular data requests and updates itself. The VRE and Nitro seamlessly combine to create huge performance.

The Technology

A RAID technology that has been developed for AV usage and low latency response, the Velocity RAID Engine (VRE) is at the very heart of the FastNAS experience. GB Labs have spent years optimizing our RAID software for large-scale Space deployments. In fact Space SSD uses VRE to push beyond the limits of its hardware RAID controllers and achieve over 9000MB/sec.

VRE is multithreaded technology that spreads its load over all the available CPU cores, meaning best efficiency and lowest utilization of system hardware. VRE is also universally compatible with all Linux operating systems meaning no vendor lock-in.

The Benefits

GB Labs has taken proven industrial grade RAID software to new levels of performance. VRE offers sustained high bandwidth data access with lightning fast random access capabilities, exactly what you need in demanding media environments where simultaneous reading and writing will push lesser systems way beyond their limits.

VRE offers rock solid protection for your assets with tried and tested RAID 6 or RAID 5 configurations. Management of the disks and RAID sets is easy and rebuild operations can be prioritized or speed limited, so as to protect valuable performance at key times.

How It Works

How It Works

VRE provides RAID protection for the disks inside a FastNAS chassis. VRE allows your storage to grow when you add FastNAS EX.

The Technology

FastNAS F-16 and F-16 Nitro (16 bay) units offer external SAS connectivity, which allows them to be expanded using a FastNAS EX unit. The capacity of the original unit can be dramatically increased using any capacity of FastNAS EX unit up to 160TB. GB Labs VRE RAID technology offers dynamic capacity expansion, which allows you to expand your system with data in place.

With a FastNAS EX connected to your system it is as easy as pulling a slider and seeing your single volume expand instantly with no costly interruptions to users.

The Benefits

Users in time critical environments embrace the benefits of dynamic expansion. Instant expansion of your storage with data in place means no downtime and no need to waste time copying large amounts of data on and off your storage just to make it larger in capacity.

Expansion is plug and play and easy to carry out, which takes away the stresses of upgrading your storage and makes it possible for users to carry out their own storage expansion. The ability to mix unit capacities means that you can buy the storage that’s right for you now and then choose the FastNAS EX to match your future requirements when the time comes.

How It Works

How It Works

As FastNAS fills up, users are safe in the knowledge that they can painlessly expand capacity with FastNAS EX. Simply attach the expansion unit and dramatically expand your existing storage when needed.

FastNAS features Core 3 Lite, a new version of our much acclaimed Core 3 OS, which has been perfected through 8 years of continual development, giving you incredible tools and outstanding performance combined with ultimate stability.

GB Labs Core 3 Lite key features including:

  • Velocity RAID Engine (VRE)
  • OS on enterprise SSD
  • Cross platform (Mac, PC, Linux)
  • Instant storage expansion
  • Integrated replication
  • Performance disk modes
  • Integrated cloud support
  • Avid bin sharing as standard
  • Active Directory synchronization
  • Web sharing from workspaces
  • FTP server with FXP support
  • Web / CLI admin tools
  • System notifications
  • Live monitoring tools
  • Powerful file manager
  • FCPX profiles
  • Multiple bonding methods
  • Network Loop Protection
  • No client software or licenses
  • 'Lights off' management
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Truly Global Support

FastNAS is backed up by a global support team; based in the UK, US and Australia. Support can be done remotely and in conjunction with our GB Labs partners it is fast and effective and available in your timezone.

  • 3 Global support centres
  • Large network of partners covering 35 countries
  • 30 days free factory support from product registration
  • Multiple support options available, including 24/7
  • Powerful remote support capability

Great Value Comprehensive Cover

FastNAS comes with a 3 year care package as standard, this can be upgraded to comprehensive cover with advanced swap out of parts. Warranty duration can also be extended to 5 years.

  • 3 year Care Package included as standard
  • 3 years incremental software updates
  • Upgrade Care package to comprehensive cover
  • Advanced swap out available
  • Cover can be extended up to 5 years

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