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Traditional central storage is starting to feel the strain.

As media organizations and broadcasters editing and grading teams grow, they are beginning to need far larger storage capacities and much faster read/write speeds in order to serve increasingly large numbers of operators. With the advent of multi-format video environments and ever higher resolution files, these twin demands “speed and volume“ are pushing existing HDD-based storage platforms beyond their limits.

A second alternative to the problem is to invest in tier 0 storage, with a pure SSD-based array dedicated to VFX, grading, uncompressed video and editing the most demanding mixed resolution projects. Technically this is an attractive option: GB Labs SPACE SSD can sustain extreme data rates, in excess of 9,000MB/s, making it suitable for the most demanding 8K workflows. However, because of the relatively low usable capacities and the high costs associated with solid state drives, many organizations are eagerly looking for a third alternative. GB Labs has developed that alternative. GB Labs now has a solution that accelerates existing HDD tier 1 storage by up-to 400% and still allows the system to expand up to 2.3 Petabytes (PB.)

Such a big step in accelerated performance justifies a new Tier of storage; Super Tier 1. This powerful next generation technology is called HyperSpace, and offers solid state acceleration to dramatically accelerate existing SPACE HDD storage. HyperSpace enabled systems are able to support very large mixed-OS workgroups and mixed 4K/HD environments without having to invest in a whole new storage infrastructure or network architecture.